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part one

Episode 567 (What It’s Like to Found a Specialty Coffee Farming Group)Time for Coffee with Andrea Koppel
00:00 / 29:36

part two

Episode 567 (What It’s Like to Found a Specialty Coffee Farming Group)Time for Coffee with Andrea Koppel
00:00 / 31:26
Episode 630 (How to Break Into a Coffee-Related Social Enterprise)Time for Coffee with Andrea Koppel
00:00 / 36:25
Episode 8Coffee With The Queen
00:00 / 21:10

Podcast: Know Better Live Best

Podcast with Barista Talk

Episode 9Barista Talk
00:00 / 21:10

Interview with Joe Bean


14 - Origin Trip - January 2019.JPG

Boughton's Coffee House

Golden Moments: Gold Mountain Coffee Grower's pursuit for excellence. 



Cafe Culture Digital Issue 8

Roasters rack up 26 Golden Bean medals with coffees from Gold Mountain Coffee Growers



Perfect Daily Grind

How to Improve Your Coffee Quality in Harvesting & Sorting



Washington Post

The Washington Post's food critic tried our very own Don Francisco’s coffee with 9 brew methods & loved it!



Perfect Daily Grind

How To Prevent Coffee Varieties From Being Misidentified



Truth Coffee Blog Post

Truth Coffee Roasting's NPD Roaster, CJ Tait, writes about his experience volunteering on Finca Idealista



Perfect Daily Grind

Regulating Cherry Ripeness: Why You Should Think Like a Sommelier



Roast Magazine

Roast Magazine featured Gold Mountain Coffee Growers in this article, distributed at a Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) conference.


ross st brix review circle.png

Brix Breaker 


Our friends at Ross Street Roasting earned a 9.1/10 and made Pull & Pour's top 11 coffees of the year list with our Brix Breaker.


Shot in the Dark 2018_Winners and Judges

Shot in the Dark

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Shot in the Dark competition in Durban, South Africa, in which roasters competed with honey process Pacas/Caturra variety coffee from our coffee farm, Finca Idealista.



Perfect Daily Grind

Honey vs Natural Micro-Lot Coffee: 3 Ways to Avoid Water Pollution


Awards, Reviews, and Certifications

Golden Bean 2019 Medals!.png

Golden Bean N. America Roasting Competition

Roasters won TWENTY SEVEN medals in the 2019 Golden Bean Roasting Competition (in both North America and Australia) using our direct-trade specialty coffees. 


Thanks again Golden Bean and roasters for recognizing our hard work on quality!


SCAE Excellence Award for Sustainability

The SCAE Board of Directors voted to award us their excellence award for environmental and economic sustainability. We purchased a rainforest to protect endangered species, and we carry out social projects to make a positive impact in coffee communities. All of these sustainability achievements are made possible by high-cupping coffees.

Gold Mountain 19 medals Golden Bean Roas

Golden Bean N. America Roasting Competition

Roasters won NINETEEN MEDALS in the 2018 Golden Bean North America Roasting Competition using our direct-trade specialty coffees. These included a gold and silver medal with a natural process from our farm, Finca Idealista.


Thank you to Golden Bean for your recognition of everyone's dedication and craft.


Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) voluntary trade partnership program in which CBP and members of the trade community work together to secure and facilitate the movement of legitimate international trade. 

coffee review logo.jpg

Coffee Review

The World's Leading Coffee Guide

Two roasters submitted our coffees to Coffee Review, and they both scored high reviews, 92 and 93!


Check out this article in which we're featured for our high-cupping, direct-trade specialty coffees that are transforming the industry (social, environmental, and economic impact through quality).

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