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Ripe, juicy coffee cherries


Our founder, Benjamin Weiner, who organized the group of farmers that is Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, is a licensed Q grader. He has transformed the quality of coffee farms' products, ensured roasters' attempts at direct trade are based on quality, and implemented key social/environmental reforms for farms. He has lectured on these topics (including for the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and Golden Bean North America roasting competition), written on the technical aspects of coffee quality and sustainability for industry publications, and put techniques into practice to help Gold Mountain Coffee Growers achieve award-winning coffees and the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe's (SCAE) Excellence Award for Sustainability. Ben has judged international coffee quality competitions in Africa and the United States.

Roasters and farms can hire our services to:

  • Achieve quality at origin: Technical assistance to improve the quality of coffees harvested at origin (both for farms and for roasters working directly with farms that are truly commited to quality), including specific recommendations.

  • Make social/environmental recommendations: An analysis of the effects a farm has on its community and environment, with specific recommendations for improvement.

  • Receive educational defect samples: Prepare specific unroasted defect samples for roasters so that they can roast them and/or learn to identify defects before making purchasing decisions.

  • Obtain seeds for planting: We have a living seedbank and help you choose varieties to plant on your farm based on yield and our years of experience with cup performance. We can ship seeds to many but not all countries.

  • Consult on specific projects: Provide technical recommendations for origin projects.

  • Cup coffees: Receive feedback on your roasts or get help making buying decisions.

  • Do green analysis: Receive analysis of green coffee samples to understand the level of defects and the likelihood those defects will affect cup quality.

Refractometer for determining the ripeness of our coffee cherries


Learn the skills to ensure your green coffee has been properly sorted.

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Matagalpa & Jinotega, Nicaragua 

Washington D.C., USA

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