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Pandemic Tips:

Online Marketing &

Ecommerce Resources


Collaborate with Gold Mountain Coffee Growers

@GOLDMTNCOFFEE: If you have one of our coffees, tag @goldmtncoffee in a post on Instagram featuring the coffee and message us a link to your online store where the public can buy it. We will then repost with a swipe up option so that any of our 30,200 followers can easily buy from your online store directly.

INSTA LIVE: If you have any of our 2021 coffees or have reserved some for 2022, we'd love to do an Insta live split screen with you! It's a great chance to talk about the coffee, coffee farming, positive impact, current challenges and the importance of supporting your local roaster (for the whole value chain). Just reach out to us. This can be a great driver of traffic to your online store and create a sense of community among your customers while discussing how these coffees affect people's lives up and down the hemisphere.

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Google Merchant Center

Update your Google Merchant Center to get more search hits for your store (this is important!). Your Google Merchant Center can help optimize how google understands your web presence and thus drive more targeted search traffic in your direction. And it is free!

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This is a free platform that lists coffeeshops and roasters by location with the goal of helping to get the word out about your current status and how customers can help support you. Fill out this short online form to get listed.

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Instagram Shopping

Selling your products directly on Instagram is a must! With Instagram Shopping, your customers will be able to click through to your store directly from photos you post on Instagram. To get this set up, you will need to set up a Facebook Catalog, or connect your ecommerce platform. This is a wonderful way to generate additional exposure for your online store. Read here and see Instagram Shopping help


Subscriptions are like wholesale accounts at retail prices. Most ecommerce platforms allow for subscription services. A great way to build an online customer base and drive recurring sales.

Additional ideas

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