2021 Offerings

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Finca Idealista - Pacas Rainforest Microlot - Washed Process

13 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry Fragrance: Agave, sugar, apple, cherry

Wet Aroma: honey, orange blossom, sugar, creamy

Taste warm: Hint of jasmine, azahar (orange blossom), orange, agave background, brown sugar, velvety

Taste cooling: Honey, azahar (orange blossom), citric, clementine, jasmine, pear

Sample roasting notes: Crack 6:42 400 °F, 7:03 more cracks 402 °F, 7:20 lots of cracks, Pulled 8:13

Pour over:
Taste warm: Jasmine! Lilac! Azahar (orange blossom)

Cooling: So jasmine tea, delicate, citric with honey, sweet lemon but not sharp, lemon tea

🏅 Finca Idealista - Caturra Rainforest Microlot - Washed Process (Golden Bean Medal Winner)

7 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry Fragrance: Plum, prunes stewed, apple, wholesome, other roast was more grapefruit, sweet, citric, agave and honey
Wet Aroma: plums, prunes, cinnamon, brown sugar, candy

Taste warm: red wine, cherry, oak, body! Deep, developed roast, honey. Other roast had juiciness, silky, bartlett pear, cherry, great for pour over

Taste cooling: Brulee top, sugary, brown sugar, body, juicy, malic acidity medium, honey. Other roast had apple sauce, red cherry and crazy smooth/silky.

Sample roasting notes: Light crack: 7:30 min 414 °F, pulled: 8:40 (careful not to over-develop, but shouldn't be wrinkled and under-developed either)

Pour over:

Taste warm: Red wine, velvety consistency, cherries, red grapes/craisins

Cooling: Plum, velvety, similar to an SL-28 Kenyan in the velvety consistency, hint of pear

Finca Idealista - Yellow Bourbon - Natural Process

2 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:

Jasmine, sugar, papaya, mango

Finca Idealista - Yellow Pacamara - Natural Process

3 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Apple, Mango, Pineapple, Juicy

Finca Idealista - Yellow Pacamara - Honey Process Nanolot

1 bag approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Heaven, Papaya, Mango, Pineapple

Finca Idealista Honey Process - Rainforest Microlot

24 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Papaya, peach, agave, buttercup, fruity, pineapple, honey, white rose, gingerbread with sugar, mandarin

Wet aroma: mango, sugary pineapple, orange with sugar, creamy, pecan pie

Taste warm: Mandarin orange, mango, sugar with pineapple, juicy, lemon with sugar, lemon cake, candied apple, malic, brown sugar, other roast brought out some cherry notes

Taste cooling: Mandarin orange, mango, pineapple with sugar, apple sauce with cherries, smooth, juicy, smooth, brown sugar, try as a pour over!

Sample roasting notes: Crack: 6:00 at 399 °F, more cracks: 6:10, pulled at 7:20.

Pour over:

Taste warm: Brown sugar, plum, mandarin orange, sweet citric concoction, cherry! Pear, juicy, malic, sweet citric

Taste cooling: Red velvet cake, SMOOTH, rooibos tea, juicy, honey, azahar (orange blossom), apple sauce, sweet citric.

🏅 Finca Idealista - "The Mango" - Honey Process (Golden Bean Medal Winner)

10 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Fruit punch, sugar, tropical, mango juice, pineapple juice, orange juice, grilled mandarin, peach.

Wet aroma: Papaya, stewed mango, honey, creamy, brown sugar, pecan squares, more brown sugar!

Taste warm: Malic! Agave, thick honey, cooked mandarin, tangy orange, pineapple juice, candied mango! Brown sugar.

Taste cooling: Mango jelly! Sweet pineapple juice, as we remembered it! Orange candy, juicy, orange tang, honey, brown sugar, balanced! Smooth, grilled mandarin orange. More mango.

Pour over: Mango, pineapple, juicy, smooth, jasmine, yellow apple, juiciness increases as it cools, honey

🏅 Finca Idealista Natural Process - Rainforest Microlot (Golden Bean Medal Winner)

16 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Cooked mandarin, well-rounded, wholesome, cherry

Wet aroma: Cherry, brown sugar

Taste: Cherry, pear, smooth, malic, white grapes, mandarin, would make an amazing espresso if not roasted dark (has won medals as espresso and in filter categories), macerated strawberries, very clean!

Cold: Smooth again this year, cherry sauce, apple sauce, delicate, very clean!

Pour over notes from last year's lot:

Aroma: Apple cider with cinnamon, cranberry, cotton candy, craisins, cranberries in apple compote

Hot: Citric, malic, white grapes, smooth, clean juicy, cinnamon, macerated strawberries

Cool: Grapes, juicy, citric and malic acidity

🏅 Matagalpa Community Coffee (Golden Bean Medal Winner)

39 bags approx

Our Community Coffee Matagalpa offering is an economical option for roasters who are price sensitive. It's specialty coffee and is a mix of various producers, whose traceability we maintain so we and you know exactly which lots make up this offering.

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Tootsie roll, mulled wine (with spices such as clove and cinnamon), red wine, Brazil nuts, oak

Wet aroma: Cranberries, pecans, Brazil nut

Taste warm: Sweetness that lingers, lemon, chocolate, mixed nuts. Another roast yielded caramel, 50% chocolate or Swiss Miss in a ski lodge (foamy), juicy-malic acidity

Taste cooling: Graham cracker, vanilla ice cream, creamy, medium body, chocolate. Another roast yielded juiciness, yellow peach

Pour over: Buttery, buttercup, velvety background, melted buttery chocolate with high cacao butter content (swiss chocolate), hershey's swiss miss hot chocolate.

Santos & Teresa - The Reds Red Catuai

5 bags approx

We gave Santos, Teresa & their family electricity. We also gave them an entire fertilizer application to try to help them to increase their yield without any deforestation.

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Plums, prunes, juicy, sugary, nice, smooth, sweet milk, stewed prunes

Wet aroma: Vanilla ice cream with cherries

Taste warm: Cherries, rooibos, touch of honey, azahar (orange blossom), floral

Cooling: Jasmine, vanilla, creamier, azahar (orange blossom), touch of honey, delicate, floral, gets even creamier as it cools

Pour over: Red cherries, silky, citric, touch of lemon, Mott's apple sauce, cranberry in apple sauce compote, vanilla custard, creamy

Santos & Teresa - The Yellows Microlot

8 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Yellow Nicaraguan prunes, orange, chia in milk, potpourri, touch of cedar

Wet aroma: Banana, papaya, vanilla

Taste warm: Agave, stewed yellow apples, yellow peach, try as pour over
Taste cooling: agave, margarine/butter, floral, yellow peach

Pour over:

Taste warm: Yellow Prunes from Nicaragua, yellow coffee cherries, grilled lemon that's juicy, SL-28 Kenya-like, velvety/silky, agave, orange syrup

Taste cooling: Insanely smooth, yellow lifesaver, malic well integrated, mandarin orange cooked

Ronald & Noelia - Fighting Poverty through Quality Microlot

50 bags approx

This family has 9 kids & excellent red/yellow catuai. We connected them with financing, which they're using to buy more land, care for their coffee, grow vegetables & corn, build a new house, & feed their family. Their small farm literally spans the Matagalpa/Jinotega border. Their coffee gets excellent readings with our refractometers, which measure sugar content.

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: chocolate-covered raspberry, dark chocolate-covered cherry, red cherry syrup, brown sugar, brownie with cherry, chocolate syrup, deep prune, concord grapes

Wet aroma: 60% Venezuelan chocolate, red cherries

Taste warm: sweet plum sauce, grapes (dark ones), chocolate, citric acidity of lemon/grapefruit (refreshing)

Taste cooling: juicy, cherries, plums, malic acidity, apple rind, plum sauce, juicy, lemon.

Note: a slightly more more developed roast transformed this coffee into red wine

As pour over warm: Insanely juicy plum, plum fresh squeezed with extra sugar refined over the stove, body!!! Juicy! Plum sauce warm.

As pour over cooling: Lemonade crazy sweet and warmed, mandarin orange, so sweet!!! Plum sauce sweet!!! Syrup sweetener. Peach juice sweetened. Melted butter. Syrup.

Guadalupe and the Giant Peach Microlot

18 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Peach, mandarin, agave, cantaloupe, potpourri!

Wet aroma: Apple, yellow peach, cranberries, deep, rooibos, cherry

Taste warm: Yellow peach, silky, plum, malic, lemon note (grilled), agave, tropical, papaya

Taste cooling: Yellow peach, vanilla custard, agave, creamy, juicy, peachy (yellow), opens up, malic like a peach, nice, floral, potpourri, peach tea

Pour over warm: Cooked yellow peach, mandarin, honey, body, smooth, malic peachy, very drinkable, smooth, silky

Pour over cooling: Cinnamon, brown sugar, sooo juicy, apple juice, peach, white grape juice

Maria Velasquez & Daughters Washed Microlot

14 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Agave, honey, white sugar

Wet aroma: Praline

Taste warm: Jasmine! Smooth. Cherry. Floral

Taste cooling: Jasmine, smooth, floral, try as pour over
Pour over warm: White grape, jasmine, malic acidity, smooth body, velvety

Pour over cooling: Apple juice, Jasmine, malic, white grape still, body increases, touch of chocolate from the roast that can be eliminated if desired

Maria Velasquez & Daughters - Natural Process Microlot

4 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Cooked mango, plum, red grapes, smooth.

Wet aroma: concord grapes! lilac, nice, caramel.

Taste warm: smooth, mango with banana smoothie, juicy and papaya, nice, yes!

Taste cooling: mango syrup, beautifful, custard, cake batter lemon/sugar/vanilla.
Pour over warm: Apricot, prunes,strawberry concentrate, honey, juicy, thick, sweet, malic, blueberry. Rum.

Pour over cooling: Fruit, juicy, sweet citric, plum/prunes, fruit leather, strawberry concentrate, body, lemon candy, less rummy, apricot juice.

🏅 Jose & Maria's Cherry Concentrate Microlot (Golden Bean Medal Winner)

6 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Plums, agave, apple, lots of cherry notes, cranberry sauce, sugar, confectioner's sugar

Wet aroma: Rooibos tea, vanilla, red apple, cinnamon bun with sugar glaze, cherry

Taste warm: pecan square inside, cherry concentrate, black cherry, great,

Taste cooling: Juicy, solid, black cherry concentrate, body, deep, substantial

Pour over warm: Velvety, Kenya-like, cherry concentrate!!!!!!! Malic, body, chocolate 60% melted, crushed blackberries on finish, rum

Pour over cooling: More apple as cools, crazy body, still crazy cherry, pure cherry juice, creamy, lactic

Jose Luis & Rosario - Enzymatic Microlot

7 bags

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Refreshing, passion fruit, citric. Other roast was agave, honey, white sugar melted, sugar just opened.

Wet aroma: Chinese tea, yellow syrup, wonton soup, rooibos tea. Other roast was brown sugar, cherry, deep, developed.

Taste warm: juicy, delicate, floral, potpourri, sweet pear, try pour over for extraction. Other roast was juicy, cherry, , red wine cooked with sugar.

Taste cooling: smooth, citric, juicy yet delicate, buttercup, jasmine at coldest, would be cool to try on a Yama. Other roast was rooibos tea! Malic, apple, smooth, craisin/juice, apple, delicate, smooth, citric. Seems the jasmine note really depends on the roast. Over-developing kills it. Seems a faster-than-expected roast with enough development (see below) brings out sugars while maintaining enzymatics since the roast isn't long enough to cook them out--the Rosetta Stone of roasting.

Pour over warm: Silky, unique, juicy, grilled pineapple, mango syrup with banana base, banana with milk smoothie

Pour over cooling: more plum, more smooth, body high and awesome, blackberries

Nicolas & Angela - Jasmine Microlot

5 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Plums! Rooibos tea, cooked cherry, pleasant, orange, red pear. Other roast was more like orange blossom, citric and kiwi.

Wet aroma: Rooibos tea, buttercup.

Taste warm: Lilac, geisha-like, nice, juicy, smooth, cherry, jasmine, vanilla bean Haagen Dazs, creamy, body. Another roast gave us some concord grape notes as well with an integrated malic acidity.

Taste cooling: Orange syrup, floral, azahar (orange blossom), pour over, juicy, malic, concord grapes, syrup, molasses, jasmine/lilac, unique!

Pour over warm: Jasmine upfront, LILAC, concord grapes, medium juiciness, malic, aftertaste juicy, smooth. Some similarities with a geisha though this is red catuai.

Pour over cooling: JASMINE upfront! Lilac! Velvety, concord grape aftertaste! Lavender. At coldest concord grapejuice.

Sample roasting notes: Crack: 6:05 402 °F. More cracks: 6:35 409 °F. Pulled: 7:44

Nicolas & Angela's - Honey Process Nanolot

4 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Agave, melted sugar, peach, papaya, cherry. 

Wet aroma: Sugary, yellow peach, grilled mango, grilled pineapple, sweet, cake (vanilla)!

Taste warm: Similar to a Yirgacheffe yet more full-mouth feel, pear juice, caramelized grapefruit.

Taste cooling: Juicy, lilac, concord grapes, body, smooth. Info pending.

Jose Francisco & Emma - Cherry Microlot

7 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: agave, plums, red lifesavers, orange lifesavers

Wet aroma: cherries, 60% chocolate, dark chocolate with cherry, touch of oak

Taste: apple sauce, cherries, malic acidity medium, citric

Cool: applesauce, cherries cooked, touch of nut almost not noticeable, a lighter roast had more honey & citric notes

Sample roasting notes: 6:13 light crack at 398 degrees, 7:00 more cracks at 404 degrees, pulled at 8:14.

Pour over using glass Kalita Wave:

Hot: Clear, tart cherry, malic acidity, body, 

Cool: touch raisin, citric acidity increased, body increased, creamy apple sauce, lime drink, body, still nice, tart and cherry finish

Don Isidro - Mulled Red Wine Microlot

40 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: nectary, nice, peach, sweet, nectary tea, juicy, orange. Second roast: Peach, star fruit, cherry.

Wet aroma: oak, red wine, orange blossom. Second roast: mulled red wine, wine, nutmeg.

Taste: citric, azahar, earl grey, jasmine, floral, could develop the roast a little more. Second roast: red wine cooked, nice with a steak dinner, deep, body, "serious."

Cold: red wine, jasmine, smores. Second roast: mulled red wine, juicy, great, pear, solid, would be an amazing espresso.

Pour over warm: Substantial, juicy, brown sugar, cherry, apple rind juicy, body, plum, smooth.

Pour over cooling: Velvety, SL-28, juicy, red cherry, malic, red apple rind, juicy, great.

🏅 Jairo & Fatima - Fruit Compote Microlot (Golden Bean Medal Winner)

11 bags approx

Jairo and his wife are a young coffee-producing family with a Red Catuai microlot. Their coffee was used by a barista to compete in the regional US barista championship, and he successfully advanced to the final round. It wows us on cupping tables.

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Cherry, grapefruit, white peach.

Wet aroma: butterscotch, vanilla bean.

Taste: Steak, juicy, malic, jasmine note, lilac note, body, pear juice, body, juicy, malic.

Luke warm and cold: Juicy, smooth! Whole mouth, fruit tea, fruit compote, apple sauce with cherries, juicy, body, pear, cherry.

Sample roasting notes: Antique Jabez Burns at origin. Previous roast was 8:33 crack, 9:45 pull. Withstood heat very well.

A Tale of Two Neighbors: Finca San Juan & Los Nogales Microlot

10 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Agave

Wet aroma: Cinnamon

Taste: Lilac flower, custard, molasses/honey, apple

🏅 Sabino & Maria Jesus - Pear Notes Microlot (Golden Bean Medal Winner)

45 bags approximately

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Peach, star fruit, white sugar, sweet citric

Wet aroma: Yellow peach, wholesome, agave.

Taste: Pear juice, smooth, cantaloupe, body full-mouth, pour over

Cool: Juicy, star fruit, pear, whole mouth, smooth! Tea-like, try as pour over

Pour over warm: Craisins! Juicy. Cherry. Pear. Sweet citric lemon sucking candy. More of a fruit tea with a full-mouth feel than a coffee.

Pour over cooling: Literally apple juice not coffee. Fruit tea. Apple juice with sweet lemon drops. You could call this an apple lemon tea w honey in it and I’d believe you. Pineapple juice sweetened with honey on coldest.

Juan Carlos & Aracely's Red & Yellow Catuai Microlot

10 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Buttercup, citric, grapefruit.

Wet aroma: Hazelnut artificial flavoring (this is a good thing).

Taste: smooth, red notes, cranberries/raspberries, compote cherries, apple sauce.

Taste Cooling: melon, tootsie rolls/fudgy, body high, 50% chocolate melted.

Pour over warm: silky, apricot deep one, deep honey smooth, yellow raisin, grilled caramelized lemon (sweet)

Pour over cooling: Custard, vanilla pudding, yellow raisin, smooth, body nice

🏅 Yader & Karen - Perfectionist Microlot (Golden Bean Medal Winner)

18 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Cantaloupe, star fruit, honey, refreshing.

Wet aroma: concord grape, white grape.

Taste warm: floral, azahar, smooth, clean, poached pear, cantaloupe.

Taste cooling: Pear, malic, juicy, smooth, cantaloupe juice.

Pour over warm: .White grapejuice, juicy, malic, peach.

Pour over cooling: Cantaloupe, white grapes, white grapejuice still, maintains juiciness.

Roasting notes: Antique Jabez-Burns sample roaster.

Roasters have said this coffee is so clean it reminds them of carefully-picked Cup of Excellence coffees.

The Pacamara Collaborative - Apple Notes Microlot

15 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Citric, white sugar, apple just picked.

Wet aroma: Pear, apple, nice, yellow plum, yellow peach, citric, touch of banana.

Taste: Juicy, malic, smooth, cherry/cranberry, peach, APPLE! Cherry.

Cooling: Cherries, APPLES! Smooth, malic, pecans, white grape.

Pour over warm: APPLE JUICE MIXED WITH CHERRY JUICE!!! SOO SMOOTH. Tea-like body, coats your mouth. Raspberries. If you run out of apple juice at home, this would solve your shortage.

Pour over cooling: Apple juice, body increases. White grape. White peach. Wow. Cherry lifesaver.

Sample roast notes: 5:45 light crack (395 degrees), 7:10 more cracks (403 degrees), pulled at 8:09 (careful--it's easy to over-develop Pacamara by mistake)

🏅 COMPETITION COFFEE: The Brix Breaker - Pacamara - Natural Process Microlot (MULTIPLE Golden Bean Medal Winner)

12 bags approximately

This coffee is beyond incredible. Experience it! An absolutely exceptional lot resulting from lots of hard work and teamwork. Always in high demand and sells out quickly.

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Mango, papaya, cherry, red grapes, and more.

Wet aroma: Concord grapes, mango, developed, brown sugar concentrate, papaya.

Taste warm: Juicy, Yirgacheffe-like, awesome, espresso would be insane, cherry, malic, sweet, Ethiopian-like!

Taste cooling: Yirgacheffe-like, juicy smooth, concord grapes, nice, steak, lilac, floral, body, sugary, APPLES, sweet.

Pour over warm: .Kenya, Sl-28, velvety, smooth, malic, apple, plum sauce, first second of biting into a blueberry, blackberry, cognac.

Pour over cooling: Apple, an orange lifesaver melted in your mouth, grilled grapefruit with sugar, apple candy, candied apricot. Wow.

Josefina & Mario's Yellow Peach Nanolot

3 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Peach, white grapejuice, orange blossom (more details coming soon)

Ana Carolina's Peach Candy Microlot

39 bags approx

Dry Fragrance: Peach, orange, clove

Wet Aroma: Cranberry, hazelnut

Taste warm: Juicy, apple, peach, honey, peach candy

🏅 Don Roger & Isabel - Tropical Fruit Symphony - Natural Process (MULTIPLE Golden Bean Medal Winner)

48 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: raisins, blueberries, pineapple, mango, grapes, tropical, agave

Wet aroma: mango, juicy, plum juice, creamy

Taste warm: malic, orange, guava, juicy, smooth, body, prailine, pineapple, tropical

Taste Cooling: mango/orange drink with touch of nutmeg, body, smooth, great, unique, tropical

Don Roger & Isabel - Honey Process Microlot

21 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Agave, mango, lilacs, prunes, papaya, peach

Wet aroma: Mango, plum, rosewater, agave, honey, white grapes, brown sugar

Taste warm: Juicy, honey, orange, cherry sweetness on sides of mouth, sugar, candied orange

Cooling: Papaya, mango, juicy, sooo smooth, candied orange

Pour over:
Taste warm: Red cherry, Kenya SL-28 consistency (silky, smooth), red velvet cake, pecan square juicy inside, Tiramisu, sugary, plum.

Taste cooling: Pure cherry syrup, angelic body, body is melted marshmallow inside, SL-28 consistency, red velvet cake but juicier, malic

Don Roger & Isabel - Javanica Nanolot

5 bags aprox

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Jasmine faint, deep, balsamic

Wet aroma: Break jasmine and lilac/earl grey

Taste: Steak, jasmine, portabella, crazy floral, lilac, FLORAL, clean, smooth

Taste as it cools: SO FLORAL! JASMINE!!! Blueberry, body smooth, geisha-like

Sample roasting notes: 5:41 400 degrees, 6:12 406 degrees, 7:46 pulled. Probat-style 100-gram gas sample roaster.

🏅 Don Francisco & Blanca Nieve - The Reds Red Caturra/Catuai (MULTIPLE Golden Bean Medal Winner)

100 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Pear, agave, cranberries, rooibos tea, papaya, mandarin grilled, nectary, peach

Wet aroma: rooibos, cherry, prunes.

Taste warm: Cherry, juicy, malic, red apple, juicy, red wine sweet, plum sauce.

Taste cooling: Malic, juicy, body! Red wine! Warm red wine, touch agave, cherry!! Honey, sweet, pear, sippable, versatile from pour over all the way through espresso applications. 
Pour over warm: Similar to SL-28, juicy, malic, cacao bean raw with red wine notes, Kenya-like, velvety texture, touch jasmine, great, body.

Pour over cooling: Juicy, malic, smooth, red cherry, sweet, honey, soooo smooth, apple at coldest.

Enjoyed by Washington Post food critic in published test of 9 brewing methods!

Finca San Francisco Caturra & Catuai

13 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Brown sugar, fresh plum, cherry, peach, agave, yellow apple.

Wet aroma: Prune, candied red cherries.

Taste warm: Hazelnut, prune, some malic background, dark roast, body, juicy, cherry, malic, body smooth, juicy.

Taste cooling: Malic, cherry, nice as it cools, plum sauce, body, nice! So smooth, developed roast, vanilla yogurt, lactic, creamy, cherry in apple sauce, juicier as gets to sipping temp, touch of pear.
Pour over warm: Sooo honey, tea-like, delicate, excellent, lilac, silky consistency, azahar (orange blossom), red velvet cake, vanilla cake with red raspberry sauce, rooibos tea, cherry, flan with milk, caramel sauce.

Pour over cooling: red velvet cake, baking chocolate melted with cherry in it, apple sauce with cranberries cooked, honey, fruit tea full mouth feel, silky, juicy, citric, bit of a light roast.

Sample roasting notes: Crack: 7:06 410 °F. Pulled: 8:32.

Mario & Angelica's Miracles

100 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Red concord grapes, touch of peach, hazelnut, Brazil nut, mandarin orange.

Wet aroma: apple, cherry, vanilla, crema catalana (creme part of creme brulee), Brazil nut.

Taste warm: Pear, juicyish, smooth, velvet cake, smooth! Cranberry in apple sauce.

Taste cooling: Graham cracker, black cherry, vanilla, PEAR, still pear at coldest.
Pour over warm: Malic background, yellow apple, white grapes.
Pour over cooling: Malic background, blackberries, macadamia, body, citric.

🏅 Jinotega Community Coffee (Golden Bean Medal Winner)

395 bags approx

Our Community Coffee Jinotega offering is an economical option for roasters who are price sensitive. It's still great specialty coffee and is a mix of various producers, whose traceability we maintain 100%.

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: jolly rancher watermelon, guayaba, tropical, nectar, star fruit

Wet aroma: chestnuts, cinnamon.

Taste: Juicy, body high, cranberry, malic acidity (apple).

Cooling: sweet, cherry, cranberry.

Baklava & Mango - Natural Process Microlot

16 bags approx

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry Fragrance: Raspberry, cherry, apple

Wet aroma: Yellow peach, mango, prailine

Taste warm: Yellow peach cobbler, smooth, body, cherry

Taste cooling: Blueberries, prailine, smooth, body, low acidity, would be an awesome espresso


350 bags approx

Need an inexpensive wholesale or many-store coffee option? This is it.

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Tootsie roll, hazelnut, raisin, fudge.

Wet aroma: Spices, clove, anise.

Taste warm: Cloves, graham cracker, pecans, cherry, baking chocolate fondue, browned butter, body, perfect for espresso.

Taste cooling: Smooth! Chocolate fondue, plum, spices, clove, chocolate fondue again (seriously)! Black cherry, body.

Pour over warm: Malic (red apple), body high!

Pour over cooling: Velvety, silky, juicy

Nobody's Perfect!

40 bags approx

Our absolute LOWEST-cost option, ever (less than $2), that tastes way better than we expected and has a positive impact despite its low cost. This coffee includes naturally-processed unripe beans from the end of the harvest and washed beans selected off the conveyor belts. The combo brings out both nut and fruit notes. We're going to ramp this up since it's been so popular.

Type sample cupping notes:​

Dry fragrance: Fragrance of a natural, mango, peanut butter, butter, baking chocolate.

Wet aroma: Banana, mango, green pepper, tropical, Brazil nut cinnamon.

Taste warm: Tropical fruit, praline background, graham cracker, nutty, vanilla sauce, baking chocolate.

Taste cooling: Mango! Praline! Graham cracker, astringent aftertaste slightly, green pepper grilled, body, bit dry, vanilla, pineapple! Papaya, taste of a natural process. Amazing given what it is! Note this is a less-developed-side roast.

Pour over warm: mango, almond butter, praline, escalivada green pepper (grilled green pepper), people will like this from the fruitiness, some nuttiness on the aftertaste.

Pour over cooling: Way more nutty, mango, peanuts, fruity, peanut butter.

Fruity Peaberry Nanolot

1 bag approx

This nanolot is the peaberries from the Tropical Fruit Symphony natural and a honey process.


Minimal amount available. Check in with us! We may do this as a natural in 2021 depending on how the yield is looking.

Dry: Cantaloupe, anise

Wet aroma: milk chocolate, black tea, pine, cloves.

Taste: chocolate, smoothness, medium body, gets more tea-like as it cools, also gains citrus and apple as it cools. Roast was a bit too quick.

Colombian Coffee - Finca El Camilo

22 bags available approx

Dry fragrance: Mango, pineapple, agave, syrupy, red grapes

Wet aroma: gingerbread with orange on break, orange/mango, strawberry

Taste warm: Body, chocolate, buttery, lemon butter

Taste cooling: apple sauce with cooked cherry, craisins, buttery, malic, floral, sweetness, nice body

Roasting notes: 6:31 crack, 6:55 more cracking at 404 degrees, 7:06 more cracking, 8:01 pulled. Probat-style gas drum sample roaster (100 grams).

Pacamara Coffee Cherry Tea (more than just "Cascara"!)

Fresh crop just arrived! Direct shipments to your mailbox (2 lb minimum order). FREE shipping in USA.

Our tea is different because it is from perfectly-ripe coffee cherries, and we find the best microlots and even nanolots to use for tea. Our teams at origin sort through to separate impuritiesIt takes a lot of effort but it's worth it! Ships directly to your doorstep!

Cupping notes of apricot nectar, honey, baked apple, great smooth body (nice both hot and cold!). Incredible sweetness! 

Home Roaster Variety Pack

Limited time opportunity for home roasters!

Variety pack of high cupping Nicaraguan specialty coffee available by the pound, delivered via USPS. 20-lb minimum.

Defect Consulting Kit

Be a more savvy sourcer

Are you interested in becoming more knowledgeable about coffee defects? We can help with that.

Our Defect Consulting Kit includes samples of common coffee defects to roast so that you can learn their tastes and prevent your roastery from buying coffee with these defects. We are also available for in-person or remote consulting. Learn more about our consulting services here.

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