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Yellow Pacamara Carbonic Maceration

Yellow Pacamara Carbonic Maceration

SKU: 1251

Finca Idealista

Process: Carbonic Maceration


2024 Harvest:

  • 5 boxes of 76 lbs


Coffee Review Award Winner in 2022

  • Tasting Information

    Cupping Notes


    Rum, Tequila, Mango, Stout, Cinnamon, White Currant & Orange



    Prune Juice, Cooked Prunes, Plum Sauce, Red Wine, Mango, Tequila, Rum, Dates & Molasses



    Tequila, Rum, Mango, White Grape, a Signature Drink, White Currant, Pineapple, Melted Sugar & Prune Juice



    Mango, Tequila, Orange Candy, Lemon Drops, White Currant, Tequila, Intense, Melted Brown Sugar, Manho Juice, Juicy Raisins & Thick



    Pour Over Notes


    Champagne, Red Velvet Cake, White Grape, Rum, Blackberries, Blueberries, Ripe Juicy Mango & Grilled Pineapple



    Prosecco, Red Velvet Cake, Cherry, Mulled Red Wine, White Currant, Red Currant & Bubble Gum



    Fun Fact

    The fact that its base is a rare Yellow Pacamara with high sugar content and incredible body makes it just that much more out of this world! Even before roasting it smells like sweet lemon drops.

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