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Red Pacamara Carbonic Maceration "Cherry Syrup" Natural

Red Pacamara Carbonic Maceration "Cherry Syrup" Natural

SKU: 1254

GMCG Member Farmers

Process: Carbonic Maceration Natural


2024 Harvest: 

  • 7 boxes of 76 lbs
  • 7 mini-boxes of 38 lbs
  • Tasting Information

    Cupping Notes


    White Grape, Tequila without the Alcohol, Tamarind, Papaya & Agave



    Red Licorice, White Grape, Rum & Cherry



    Rum, Apple, Silky, Pear Juice & White Grape Juice



    Dates, So Thick, Extremely Malic (Juicy), Yellow Peach, Luden's Cherry Flavor, Roses, Rooibos Tea & Apples



    Pour Over Notes


    Maraschino Cherries, Apple Cider Doughnut, Red Grapes, Orange Lifesaver, Mulled Wine, Red and Black Licorice, Prominent Apple Notes & White Grape Juice



    Super Sweet and Ripe Black Cherries, Maraschino Cherries, Watermelon Jolly Rancher, Sweetened Rosewater, Banana Smoothie (in a great, sweet way), Red Lifesaver, Cherry, Apple Juice, Candied Apple, Honey, Silky, So Malic and Juicy & Sugar Syrup

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