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Pear Notes Microlot

Pear Notes Microlot

SKU: 1224

Sabino & Maria Jesus

Process: Washed


2024 Harvest:

  • 45 bags of 152.12 lbs
  • Tasting Information

    Cupping Notes


    Peach, Star Fruit, White Sugar & Sweet Citric



    Yellow Peach, Wholesome & Agave



    Pear Juice, Smooth, Cantaloupe, Body Full-Mouth & Pour Over



    Juicy, Star Fruit, Pear, Whole Mouth, Smooth & Tea-like



    Pour Over Notes


    Craisins, Juicy, Cherry, Pear, Sweet Citric, Lemonhead Candy, More of a Fruit Tea with a Full-Mouth Feel than a Coffee



    Literally Apple or White Peach Juice not Coffee, Fruit Tea, Apple Juice with Sweet Lemon Drops, Pineapple Juice with Honey when Coldest



    Fun Fact

    You could almost call this an apple lemon tea with honey in it!

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