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Nobody's Perfect

Nobody's Perfect

SKU: 1243

GMCG Member Farmers

Process: Washed & Natural


Sold out for 2024

  • Tasting Information

    Cupping Notes


    Fragrance of Natural Process, Mango, Peanut Butter, Butter, Baking Chocolate



    Banana, Mango, Green Pepper, Tropical, Brazil Nut & Cinnamon



    Tropical Fruit, Praline Background, Graham Cracker, Nutty, Vanilla Sauce, Baking Chocolate



    Mango! Praline! Graham Cracker, Astringent Aftertaste Slightly, Green Pepper Grilled, Body, Bit Dry, Vanilla, Pineapple! Papaya & Taste of a Natural Process



    Pour Over Notes


    Mango, Almond Butter, Praline, Escalivada Green Pepper (Grilled Green Pepper), people will like this from the Fruitiness & some Nuttiness on the Aftertaste



    Way more nutty, Mango, Peanuts, Fruity & Peanut Butter



    Fun Fact

    Our absolute LOWEST-cost option, that tastes way better than we expected and has a positive impact despite its low cost. This coffee includes naturally-processed unripe beans from the end of the harvest and washed beans selected off the conveyor belts. The combo brings out both nut and fruit notes.

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