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Matagalpa Community Coffee

Matagalpa Community Coffee

SKU: 1209

GMCG Member Farmers

Process: Washed


Sold out for 2024

  • Tasting Information

    Cupping Notes


    Tootsie Roll, Mulled Wine (with Clove and Cinammon Spices), Red Wine, Oak & Brazil Nuts



    Cranberries, Pecans & Brazil Nuts



    Lingering Sweetness, Lemon, Chocolate & Mixed Nuts (Other Roast: Caramel, 50% Chocolate, Foamy Swiss Miss & Juicy-Malic Acidity)



    Graham Cracker, Vanilla Ice Cream, Creamy, Medium Body, Chocolate (Other Roast: Juiciness & Yellow Peach)



    Pour Over Notes


    Buttery, Buttercup, Velvety Background, Melted Buttery Chocolate with High Cacao Content (Swiss Chocolate) & Hot Cocoa



    Velvety, Silky & Juicy



    Fun Fact

    Our Matagalpa Community Coffee offering is an economical option for roasters who are price sensitive. It's specialty coffee and is a mix of various producers, whose traceability we maintain so we and you know exactly which lots make up this offering.

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