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Fighting Poverty through Quality Microlot 

Type sample notes:​


Dry fragrance: chocolate-covered raspberry, dark chocolate-covered cherry, red cherry syrup, brown sugar, brownie with cherry, chocolate syrup, deep prune, concord grapes

Wet aroma: 60% Venezuelan chocolate, red cherries

Warm: sweet plum sauce, dark grapes, chocolate, refreshing citric acidity of lemon/grapefruit

Cool: juicy, cherries, plums, malic acidity, apple rind, plum sauce, juicy, lemon

Note: a slightly more developed roast transformed this into a red wine taste

Pour over

Warm: insanely juicy plum, plum fresh squeezed with extra sugar refined over the stove, warmed plum sauce, body

Cool: lemonade crazy sweet and warmed, mandarin orange, so sweet, sweet plum sauce, syrup sweetener, peach juice sweetened, melted butter, syrup

Fun fact

This family has 9 kids & excellent red/yellow catuai. We connected them with financing, which they're using to buy more land, care for their coffee, grow vegetables & corn, build a new house, & feed their family. Their small farm spans the Matagalpa/Jinotega border. Their coffee gets excellent readings with our refractometers, which measure sugar content. 



Caturra & Catuai

Type sample notes:​


Dry fragrance: brown sugar, fresh plum, cherry, peach, agave, yellow apple

Wet aroma: prune, candied red cherries

Warm: hazelnut, prune, malic background, dark roast, body, juicy, cherry, smooth, juicy

Cool: malic, cherry, nice as it cools, plum sauce, body, nice! so smooth, developed roast, vanilla yogurt, lactic, creamy, cherry in applesauce, juicie, touch of pear

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